In the event that a rabbit reaches 9 months old and has not been sold, I will be offering it Free to a Good Home on this page. What does this mean?
  • There is Nothing wrong with these rabbits! They have been cared for and loved the same way that we handle all of our rabbits.
  • Sometimes the timing just isn't right, a sale falls through, or buyers are looking for a specific color that we don't have at the moment--and these animals get passed over.
  • Most people are under the impression that if you don't purchase your rabbit right after it's weaned, then it becomes difficult to bond with and train (like a cat). This is not true of rabbits at all.
All of the normal conditions that apply to buying a rabbit also apply to these Free rabbits.
  • Local pick up only
  • Transition food and a care brochure will be provided.
  • You must have your own cage and accessories.
  • You will need to bring something for transport--a carrier or sturdy box.
Now, if you're ready to fall in love with a bunny that is passed it's "kitten" stage, take a look and give us a call!

Sorry, we do not have any more free bunnies available at this time. Check back in a few months.