Here are the brood does we currently have in our herd. I would love to add some other colors in the Self and Agouti lines and am looking forward to seeing what our upcoming litters produce.
A note about posing: Since most of these does will never see a show table, I do not normally try to pose them for pictures. If one happens to cooperate, fine, but usually I just let them be.

 LTA's Calendula, black otter out of Monty x Anemone, DOB 1/16/12

 LTA's Lupine, blue otter out of Monty x Anemone, DOB 1/16/12

 LTA's Chia, chestnut out of Aster and Chinkapin, DOB 3/8/14

LTA's Sweet Pea, Blue Otter out of Lupine and Almond, DOB 11/16/13

 LTA's Sweet Gherkin, AKA "Pickle", Ermine doe out of Levi and Frostie, DOB 8/28/14

LTA's Minuet, Lilac Otter doe out of Hickory and Lupine, DOB 9/13/14

Last updated: 7/18/15