Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Legend of Captain Danvers

© 2012 by Stacy Christian

The Legend of Captain Danvers 

Listen close and I’ll tell you the tale
Of Danvers, the pirate Captain,
Of how he made his foes do his will,
And how thoroughly he tricked them.

He wore a silk coat, as black as night,
A plume on the brim of his hat.
His boots thumped on the deck of the ship,
And when he spoke, well, that was that.

His crew was a surly pack of dogs.
His first mate, one Mister Lendri.
Together they ruled the amber waves
In their ship, The Collar’d Lady.

For years, they terrorized hill and vale,
Burnt villages down to embers,
And as they hauled their loot out of town,
People would gasp, “It was Danvers!”

Finally one day, to stop the scourge,
The people struck him a bargain:
To Danvers they’d tithe from field and farm,
But ‘specially from the garden.

They stocked his ship’s hold with produce ripe.
His logic: “To stave off scurvy.”
His crew refused to argue with him,
They’d rather eat veg than go hungry.

This would have gone on for years, I’m told,
Except there was a mutiny,
Begun by a fateful night visit
To his captain by Mr. Lendri.

He’d entered the room without a knock,
A thing that was not his habit,
Discovered his captain quite hatless,
And learned Danvers was a Rabbit!

 *extra Cudos if you "get" the Danvers reference without googling it. =:)

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Allow me to introduce our two new additions: Basil and Coriander, Holland Lops from Summersfield Bunnies.

Mattie's #OB, aka "Basil", Tort buck, DOB 5/26/12

Mattie's #L1, aka "Coriander", Broken Tort doe, DOB 4/6/12

We intend this to be the start of our Holland Lop program. Watch for our first litter sometime this fall!

Monday, April 30, 2012

ANDRC Nationals 2012

As this was my first year attending the Netherland Dwarf Nationals, I'm afraid that I did not do a very good job at photo documentation. I was too star struck by all of the gorgeous bunnies and talented breeders to keep a cohesive thought in my head, much less take more than random shots. Never mind notes about what I was shooting.

Rabbit breeders are brilliant (if slightly crazy), and I met some amazing people and came away with some great ideas.
Being a runner during the show (fetching rabbits for the judges) was fun and gave me a legitimate excuse to put my hands on other people's rabbits, if only for a moment. I can only dream that someday my stock will feel as nice as some of those did.
I never thought I'd see a rabbit sell for over $800, but the auction on Saturday night was thrilling and I am happy for the club and the members who participated.
It may seem silly, but one of the best parts about attending Nationals was simply being in a place where having shavings on your shirt and zip ties sticking out of your pocket was normal.