Monday, April 30, 2012

ANDRC Nationals 2012

As this was my first year attending the Netherland Dwarf Nationals, I'm afraid that I did not do a very good job at photo documentation. I was too star struck by all of the gorgeous bunnies and talented breeders to keep a cohesive thought in my head, much less take more than random shots. Never mind notes about what I was shooting.

Rabbit breeders are brilliant (if slightly crazy), and I met some amazing people and came away with some great ideas.
Being a runner during the show (fetching rabbits for the judges) was fun and gave me a legitimate excuse to put my hands on other people's rabbits, if only for a moment. I can only dream that someday my stock will feel as nice as some of those did.
I never thought I'd see a rabbit sell for over $800, but the auction on Saturday night was thrilling and I am happy for the club and the members who participated.
It may seem silly, but one of the best parts about attending Nationals was simply being in a place where having shavings on your shirt and zip ties sticking out of your pocket was normal.

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